Year One: Blog Roundup

According to my squarespace billing history, my website has just turned 1 year old!  Time for someone to smear cake on its face.  But seriously, I thought I would take a moment to update you on the state of the blog, as well as link to some of my favorite and most popular posts.

First off, you may notice a few changes around the blog.  Probably some things that should have been there since the start, however my excuse is the squarespace sidebar widgets tend not to give a full explanation on what they do. 

For better navigation, I've added categories.  That way if you want to dig through the archives to find all bassoon related posts it's even easier.  I've also added a 'Blog RSS' and 'add to google' buttons.  Somehow, when I wrote this post, I didn't realize I was missing an obvious link to my RSS feed.  So please subscribe and comment.  If I know I have readers out there I am encouraged to post more.  I've also changed the feed so the full article should appear in your RSS reader.  That was another setting I found somewhat buried.  And lastly, I've gotten rid of the google ads.  While it would be nice if this blog could be at least self-funded, it's not really breaking the bank as far as costs go either.  


Blog Roundup


Sal Lozano interview on the Big Phat Chat
My first post, though not as popular, a must listen to interview for 'doublers' and anybody playing in a big band sax section. 


Interview with jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson
By far my most popular post.  Paul was great to work with, and I really appreciate his time and thoroughness in answering my questions.  Be sure to check him out on facebook and youtube


iPhone music apps
I'll admit it, I am a tech geek.  I can't go a day without using my iPhone 4.  Here are some of my favorite music apps. 


In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Steps Back
Another post that may have been overlooked.  Originally, I intended just to link back to the NY Times post, but I ended up adding my own thoughts on maintaining a digital music library. 


Practice Tip:  Accumulative Scale Technique
Another one of my more popular posts, I go into detail on a good way to practice scales and runs. 


How To Clean a Saxophone
Detail on general cleaning maintenance that students, parents, and teachers can easily do at home without taking apart the instrument. 


How To Clean a Woodwind Mouthpiece
Often students (and professionals) don't clean their mouthpieces regularly.  Here is a simple way to clean an important part of your instrument.