Music on Netflix

 A short conversation with a student recently revealed something I hadn't thought of.  Everybody enjoys streaming Netflix.  It's accessible, affordable, and the best way to enjoy high end, high-def blu-ray content without spending $30+ per disc.  Tons of great content, both classic and new (well, somewhat new).  It was just a few years ago you could only stream a limited selection of movies to a PC.  Now you can stream to a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, select Android phones, and all major game consoles.  Blu-ray players and televisions now come with built-in Netflix apps, which I believe has really allowed the company to expand to where it is today.  
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App review: Fingering Woodwinds for iPhone

Given how huge apps are, I figured there might be something in Apple's App Store.  And lo and behold there is "an app for that."  It's called Fingering Woodwinds for iPhone ($4.99, iTunes link).  The developer does have a separate iPad version as well for $6.99.  While I would like to review that one as well, sadly at the time of writing I don't own an iPad.

Fingering Woodwinds for iPhone is a great app.  It's not perfect, but every woodwind artist and band director (or someone who deals with multiple instruments) should spend the $5, well worth it in my opinion.  In fact, for the band directors who need quick access to both brass and woodwind fingerings, Patrick Q. Kelly has an app for that too.


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Blogs and RSS explained (sort of)

What is a blog?  

What is RSS?

Well, this is a blog.  And you can use RSS as an easy way to follow updates of many of your favorite websites and blogs.

My blog is all about woodwinds and music.  So for a very concise explanation, I will refer you to the Blogs in Plain English and RSS in Plain English youtube videos at the bottom. 


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