Kenny G - Riot Suppressor

Anybody catch the big game?  I think my ears have stopped ringing.

Being from Wisconsin, we were all very proud to see the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.  As with many Packer games, I spent it cheering on the green and gold with family.  While it was loud during the touchdowns, we all enjoyed another super Sunday tradition, Super Bowl commercials.

While the pre-game anthem may have caused a bit of controversy (I wonder if she get's paid less for not fulfilling the contract) and the half-time show many consider to be less than super, one commericial should at least speak to sax players.  

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Blogs and RSS explained (sort of)

What is a blog?  

What is RSS?

Well, this is a blog.  And you can use RSS as an easy way to follow updates of many of your favorite websites and blogs.

My blog is all about woodwinds and music.  So for a very concise explanation, I will refer you to the Blogs in Plain English and RSS in Plain English youtube videos at the bottom. 


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Is Jazz Dead? No!

Bret Primack, aka JazzVideoGuy, weighs in on a more global scale on the topic.  As much as I want to lay this to rest (because if we keep repeating it, we may start to believe it), I feel he does a really good job explaining how consumption, jazz education, and the music business as a whole has changed over the years.  While jazz isn't really found on the radio dial anymore, you can find plenty of it on the internet.  Be sure to check out Bret's videos on YouTube, literally hundreds of great jazz videos.  And of course if we really want to put this question to rest, we must support it locally and globally, by attending local jazz performances, supporting the arts in the schools, and purchasing the albums legally.