Kenny G - Riot Suppressor

Anybody catch the big game?  I think my ears have stopped ringing.

Being from Wisconsin, we were all very proud to see the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.  As with many Packer games, I spent it cheering on the green and gold with family.  While it was loud during the touchdowns, we all enjoyed another super Sunday tradition, Super Bowl commercials.

While the pre-game anthem may have caused a bit of controversy (I wonder if she get's paid less for not fulfilling the contract) and the half-time show many consider to be less than super, one commericial should at least speak to sax players.  

Audi had a 60 second spot showing wealthy people escaping their luxuary prison.  About half way through we hear one of the guards say, "Hit 'em with the Kenny G," and we hear a brief snippet of his hit song Songbird.  A little bit of digging on youtube and one finds Audi produced an almost 3 minute teaser commercial titled, Kenny G - Riot Suppressor.  

While I'm sure myself, as most saxophone players, will never be able to afford an Audi, I'm sure we can all find the humor in it.  Regardless of what we might think of Kenny G as a musician, it's nice he can poke fun at himself.  

[aired during Super Bowl]



[teaser from YouTube]

Note to parents - there are 2 spots that are bleeped out for cursing.