New Keilwerth MKX horns!

courtesy JCBigler  

There's not much out there yet, but here's what we know so far.

Official word from the JK rep on Sax on the Web

The Julius Keilwerth MKX Series marks the next evolution of the saxophone for this historic brand. By combining tonal characteristics of the legendary SX90R along with physical characteristics reminiscent of vintage saxophones, the MKX Series allows the player to have the best of both worlds; a modern sound with a vintage feel. 
The name MKX was chosen to pay tribute to those who have contributed to or inspired the development of this new line. The letters “MK” represent Markneukirchen, the historic town in the same region of eastern Germany where the Julius Keilwerth brand began in 1925. Boasting a long history of musical instrument makers and manufacturers, Markneukirchen is now home to the factory and skilled workers who carry on the traditions of their forefathers, and whose craftsmanship is essential to the quality of this instrument.
In honoring the kinship to the legendary Julius Keilwerth SX90R Series, the letter “X” reminds us of the influence and inspiration from those who paved the way for our success. While the MKX and SX90R series do share some characteristics, they can be likened to cousins who share a common blood line, but have individual qualities and personalities that allow them a unique voice of their own. 
With retail prices for Alto at $5,599 / Tenor at $6,233 the MKX will offer competitive pricing to Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and P. Mauriat while being the only European made instrument in its class. Players can choose alto or tenor saxophones in either Gold Lacquer or Antique Brass finishes. 
The Julius Keilwerth MKX Series is a professional level saxophone that will offer German quality engineering and manufacturing at prices competitive to the global scale, and allow a new generation of musicians to use Keilwerth Saxophones in bringing their voice to the world stage. 

North America release at NAMM 2013. 
European release at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013.
Delivery in spring 2013.


This does NOT replace the SX90 series. Rather, Is is a complement to it. so YES they will co-exist!! The SX90R series is still available and in production!

The "vintage" characteristics are primarily in the way the horn feels in your hands. Many who have tried it compare it to an old Mark VI or Conn - 
however the way it blows and feels to play is all JK. 
bow, bell and neck are all similar to SX90. But the body tube is slightly different, and tone holes have been adjusted (in size and location) to improve pitch.
straight tone holes, standard palm keys (non adjustable), metal thumb button, pisoni pads, metal resonators. 
The tone and projection is a bit more direct than SX90. But the horn will take all you can give it without spreading or breaking up. 

the feedback at NAMM has been tremendous!! More videos from the show will post soon.


UPDATE: Dave Kessler wrote a nice blog post regarding new horns at NAMM, including the MKX.  Read it here.


Videos from Keilwerth USA facebook page

Brent Birckhead


Don Menza

Ernie Watts

more Ernie Watts


JK Product Manager Al Maniscalco (from fb page)from the NAMM floor (courtsey SotW member JCBigler)