The Journey

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.  ~ Marty McFly

Today was indeed a red letter date for me.  I completed a practice goal that I had set for myself over a year ago.  That goal was to complete an intensive study in clarinet technique.  It began I believe 2/19/2010, and ended today 4/8/2011.  Over 140 hours of practice, on a very regimented schedule.  I had completed a very similar process on the saxophone during my college years.  So similar in fact, both the saxophone and clarinet technique books have Jack Snavely in common.

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2010 Grammy Nominees

The 2010 Grammy Nominees have been announced.  Two great blog posts by NPR Jazz and Jazz Articles did a wonderful job of breaking down not only the jazz category, but how jazz fit into other categories.  

While I will admit I do not really keep up with new and popular music, skimming through the categories, a few thoughts came to mind.


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