Joe Aaron - Musician Joe Aaron loved performing and finding students' style

Joe Aaron is best described as my musical grandfather, which makes him the musical great-grandfather to all of my students.  Specifically he taught Curt Hanrahan, who in turn was my teacher.  I am positive nearly every saxophonist/clarinetist in the greater Milwaukee area for the last 70 years has some pedagogic connection to Joe.  

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Is jazz dead in Milwaukee....What do you think?

Perception is reality.  If people are told, time and time again, that jazz is dead, then they will start to believe it.  We, as Milwaukee musicians, have to stop saying “Jazz is dead”

A great post by my friend Mike Pauers on the Milwaukee Jazz blog.  Be sure to read the comments for many great reasons why jazz is not dead.  My gut tells me this type of conversation is happening in many major metropolitan areas all through out the country.

The full post can be found here.

Is jazz dead in Milwaukee?

Big thanks to Jamie Breiwick for posting this on his blog, Milwaukee Jazz.

Freelance journalist Michael Drew wrote "Is Jazz Dead?" for the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine.  He spoke to Bonnie North on WUWM about the article.  It's great to hear educated people talk about the art form, even though it is about jazz dying.  I haven't been able to find the article online, but the broadcasted interview is available here, as well as simply by clicking play below.