Surprise autograph!


I ordered Sammy's new CD at the tail end of the year.  I knew it was coming via USPS this week, so every day I anxiously ran to the mail, only to be disappointed.  

Well it finally came in Saturday.  When I first opened it, I noticed it wasn't shrink wrapped.  I opened it up and to my surprise it was autographed!

Looking forward to digging into Sammy's music and this great all-star LA big band!

Sammy Nestico, arranger & conductor. Saxophones & Woodwinds: Dan Higgins, Sal Lozano, Pete Christlieb, Tom Scott, Gene Cipriano. Trumpets: Gary Grant, Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron, Warren Luening. Trombones: Charlie Loper, Andy Martin, Dick Nash, Phil Teele (bass). Rhythm: Tom Ranier (piano), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Trey Henry (bass), Dean Parks (guitar), Emil Richards (vibes & percussion), Alex Acuna (percussion). 


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