Is one month of lessons enough to assess?

An experienced teacher often needs about ten lessons to really learn about their student. These are things like:

- how they learn
- how much they practice
- how they practice
- what they already understand vs. new information to be assimilated over time
- what their physical strengths and weaknesses are on the instrument
- what their intellectual and emotional state (individual fingerprints, all of us) is like to work with
- how to establish trust and rapport (important for smooth communication)


One lesson, even a month of lessons is not enough time to figure out if long term lessons is right for the student, or if the teacher and student will work well together.

A small amount of lessons is ok, if the student has a short term goal (like preparing for an audition).  However, there are several things that cannot be correct in that short term that can only be improved upon by year round lessons.