New Piccolo!


As a multi-instrumentalist, one of the upsides (and downsides) is that we get to own many instruments.  Which means we get to own many, but also need to purchase and maintain many, more instruments than the average joe.  It's been a bit since my last instrument purchase; I think I purchased my bassoon in 2009.  Life has gotten in the way of acquiring more horns, but I'm happy the priorities have been able to shift back to obtaining gear.

I actually purchased the Di Zhao piccolo (DZP-201) in January.  However, I had to return it after about a month.  It didn't feel right, and my gut was correct.  Steve Schoene took it apart and found several manufacturing issues.  I even contacted Di Zhao, and they confirmed there were some quality control issues at a partner factory, and have since moved all piccolo production to their own factory.  Di himself confirmed that piccolo suffered from these issues, once Steve sent it back to him.  Unfortunately, Di had none to send back for exchange, so I had to wait several months, but I am pretty sure this one was hand picked by Mr. Di Zhao.  I will give a full review later, but overall I am very happy with this instrument.